Seven benefits of choosing the Akita Prefecture

Producing talent suited to meet the needs of the next generation

Throughout the prefecture, various institutions are educating and training young people to thrive in a changing economy.
The people of Akita want appealing jobs, and industries have no problem finding great people to support their development.

      Akita Prefectural University was founded in April 1999 as a base for industry creation for the 21st century. The university at the time has two faculties: the Faculty of Systems Science and Technology and the Faculty of Biological Resources.

      The Honjo-Yuri area where the Faculty of Systems Science and Technology is located is surrounded by companies that specialize in precision electronics. The university actively participates in joint research projects with these companies.

      Established in April 2004, Akita International University cooperates with universities in countries around the world and is spearheading unique advanced methods of education. At this university all students are trained to express themselves in English, and must spend one year studying abroad. AIU trains these students to become the talent for foreign firms and companies that work in international development.

Universities (4 years)
Type of University Name Department Admission Capacity
National University Corporation Akita University Faculty of Engineering and Resource Science 460
Faculty of Medicine 226
Faculty of Education and Human Studies 290
Incorporated Municipal University Akita Prefectural University Faculty of Systems Science and Technology (Honjo Campus) 240
Faculty of Bioresource Sciences (Akita Campus) 150
Akita International University Faculty of International Liberal Arts 175
Private North Asia University Faculty of Economics 118
Faculty of Law 156
Total 1,815
Main Junior Colleges
Type of College School Admission Capacity
Public Akita Municipal Junior College of Arts and Crafts 150
National Akita National College of Technology 160
Total 310
Main Technical Vocational Schools
School Admission Capacity
Akita Architectural Design School 20
Akita Information Business School 175
Akita Institute of Computing & Accounting 270
Total 485
Full-time Technology-Related High Schools
School Admission Capacity
Odate Kogyo High School 140
Akita Hokuyo High School 70
Noshiro Kogyo High School 175
Oga Kaiyo High School 70
Oga Kogyo High School 105
Kanaashi Nogyo High School 200
Akita Kogyo High School 240
Yuri Kogyo High School 140
Omagari Nogyo High School 175
Omagari Kogyo High School 140
Yokote Seiryou Gakuin High School 49
Masuda High School 35
Yuzawa Shouhoku High School 70
Total 1,609