Seven benefits of choosing the Akita Prefecture

Improving businesses through the cooperation of government, industry and academia

      Joint research projects with industry as well as government-industry-academia linked projects are actively pursued at public research institutes, such as the Akita Industrial Technology Center and the Akita Research Institute of Food and Brewing. Effort is being put into similar joint ventures in order to produce further contributions to society.

A. Akita Industrial Technology Center (Akita City)


      On April 1, 2011 the Akita Industrial Technology General Research Center reopened as the Akita Industrial Technology Center. The industrial technology center is composed of five departments: General Administration, Technological Innovation, Electro-Optics Applications Development, Machine Parts and Tooling Process Development, and Advanced Functional Device Development. These departments work in tandem as a think tank to energize Akita’s industry and support sustainable development.

      The center performs research, experiments, technological development, and technical training in addition to joint projects with individual companies as well as the government and academic institutions in order to develop new fields and help businesses. Working with government, academia, and industry, it also serves as a base for dissemination of information in local communities by opening its facilities for public use, and holding various study groups.

Department of General Administration

      This department in in charge of the management of facilities

Department of Technological Innovation

      This department’s technology coordination group works with industries to create a cluster of high-tech manufacturing groups in Akita Prefecture creating devices in the fields of transportation, nanotech, medicine, electronics, energy, and recycling

Department of Electro-Optic Applications Development

      This department develops and supports the technology that goes into electronic circuits, next generation communications, power electronics, and optical devices.

Department of Machine Parts and Tooling Process Development

      This department develops and supports the technology that goes into industrial materials, advanced processing, electric polishing, and composite materials.

Department of Advanced Functional Device Development

      This department develops and supports the technology that goes into ultra-thin materials, nano-devices and nano-mechanics.

B. Akita Research Institute of Food and Brewing (ARIF) (Akita City)


      The Akita Research Institute of Food and Brewing (ARIF) holds training seminars and workshops in addition to doing independent food development, research into applications for fermentation, alcoholic beverage development, and bio-technology research. The ARIF also performs joint research with companies, supports visiting researchers, and has become a base for food product development using the latest technology rooted in the climate of Akita Prefecture.

C. Institute of Wood Technology, Akita Prefectural University (IWT) (Noshiro)


      The Institute of Wood Technology (IWT) performs research and technological development of wood-based materials in order to achieve an ideal global sustainable environment for forestry resources. The institute shares developed technology with industry, performs joint research projects with companies, and serves as consultants for businesses as well.

      As a part of the Faculty of Biological Resources of the Akita University Graduate School, IWT also produces talented individuals who understand the latest technology and research methods.

D. Research Institute for Brain and Blood Vessels (Akita City)


      This institute performs treatment and research on cranial nerve diseases, such as strokes, and cardiovascular diseases. In recent years they have also begun diagnosing and treating as well as researching Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s which have had profound effects on society.

      Researchers in the fields of medical, engineering, and pharmaceutical science who have helped develop and advance the PET/SPECT and medical equipment fields work with research institutions and companies throughout the country to perform research and development.

E. Insitute for Mining Research and Studies (Kosaka)


      The Institute for Mining Research and Studies is located in the north of Akita Prefecture in a town called Kosaka. The institute is composed of three institutions: the Akita Prefectural Resources Technology Development Organization, the International Institute for Mining Technology, and the Metal Resource Technology Research Center of the Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation. These institutions work together as part of the Akita Eco-Town conducting research, development, training, and education in an effort to improve recycling and the environment.

F.Industrial Promotion Plaza (Akita City)


      In April 2000, the Industrial Promotion Plaza was established in the second building of the Akita prefectural government office building as a base for comprehensive support for management innovation for start-up companies and other companies in the prefecture. Cooperating with research and development institutions, universities, chambers of commerce, and financial institutions, the plaza offers a variety of services such as technology development, market development, and human resource development.